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Requirements and Terms

  • I have a valid PayPal account and I reside in the USA.
  • I have a valid Social Security Number and agree to recieve a 1099 form, if I make $600 or more within a year.

  • You will be given a unique code that your referrals can use to get their discount and for us to track your commision
  • You only get a commision from referrals who create a Premium Memorial
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Affiliate FAQ

Who can become an Affiliate?

  • Pet Bloggers
  • Grief Counselors
  • Social Media influencers
  • Anybody interested in making extra money and uses Social Media frequently
  • Requirements:
    1. A Verified PayPal Account
    2. Resident of the USA
    3. A valid Social Security Number.

How does it work?

  • When you sign-up you will be given a unique code and a link.
  • The link entitles the referrals to a 15% discount
  • Use our banners or create your own with your unique link and code. Then add it to your site, blog, post, tweet or use any social media your prefer.
  • If any of your referrals create a Premium Pet Memorial, you get a $2.50 commission.

How much will I get paid?

You get $2.50 for each created Pet Premium Memorial you refer, we will cover the PayPal charges.

A minumum of of three transactions can be redeemed at a time.

Do I need to pay an income tax?

If you make $600 in a given year, we are required by the IRS to report your earnings. We will send you a copy of the 1099 form.

Can I use my discount to create a Pet Memorial?

Yes, as an affiliate you can use your discount code (20% Off) and get $3 back. Your account allows you to create Online Memorials for the following:

  • PetsMattered ( Up to two (2) Basic Pet Online Memorials.

  • Up to two (2) Basic Online Memorials.

  • Unlimited Premium Online Memorials for both sites.

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