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They Were Family

They gave us unconditional love and they deserved more than post or a tweet when they leave us.

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Pet Family

Save Those Precious Memories

A central location for their photos that is readily available online so you can always look back at those memories you shared with them.

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Pet Photos

Elegant & Responsive

Your pet memorial will work fluidly on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Repsonsive Pet Memorials - works on computers, tablets and smart phones

Why Create a PetsMattered Memorial?

  • An Effective Way to Deal with Pet Loss
    While a memorial stone or a tombstone serve their physical purpose, in this digital age where almost everyone has a smartphone, a website specially designed to tell your pet's story is very effective. Upload their photos and tell the happy life you've shared with your animal friend. Tell the world that your pet mattered!

  • Elegant and Clean Designs
    Our animal family deserve nothing but the best memorial. A clean layout makes their story and postings easy to read. Information is grouped logically and marked clearly to encourage visitors to explore.

  • Responsive and User-friendly Site to Create and Tell Their Stories
    The site is responsive and will work with internet-enabled devices, from computers to smartphones with a minimum 300-pixel width. Simply select a theme or customize it further by changing the colors, choose from pre-selected font combinations or even add music.

  • Two Types of Pet Online Memorials:

    • Basic
      Free memorial allows you to upload a photo and write a short bio. Facebook comments are enabled.

    • Premium
      An affordale one-time *fee, allows you to upload up to 100 photos, bio, music, privacy setting, tributes select from a pre-designed templates or even customize it further. Facebook comments are enabled. View all features.

    * A portion of the profits will be donated to a local animal shelter.

New Premium Themes

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New Pet Memorials


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Oscar Mayer Clifton
Oscar Mayer Clifton
2013 - 2024

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Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly
2006 - 2024

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