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As a kid, our family had a number of pets - three dogs, a mynah bird and tropical fishes. I also had rats, rabbit and a turtle. But my mom, sister and the housekeeper helped with cleaning and taking care of them.

As an adult, I've wanted to get a dog but have always lived in places where no dogs are cat were allowed. One day, I walked in to a pet store and saw a cage full of guinea pigs. The lid was open so I stucked my hands inside and everyone ran except for a blonde guinea pig who gently approached my fingers. I petted her back and she purred. I knew I had to get her that day.

After five years of being with me, she became sick and wasn't eating. I took her to the vet and told me that she had an infection. I had to hand feed her. After two days, she wasn't recovering and could barely breathe. I put her on my right armpit to comfort her until she passed away an hour later. I sobbed. My friend was gone.

She was a very friendly cavy and she enjoyed my company by purring and wheeked when I walked into the room. She was also one of the inspirations for my pet blog called

Two and half years ago, I created an Online Memorial for my mom and decided that it was time to honor my animal friend too. She was family and she mattered.

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