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Remembering Bubba Fig

(2014 - 2019)

About Bubba Fig

Remembering Bubba Fig

My Bubba. You came to us as a puppy 5 years ago. You were only 8 weeks old. And during that entire time you have been more to me than a best friend! You grew up with our entire family. You were the protector of the house. You were so much to us. You were an excellent dog. I trusted you on a deserted island with my family more than most humans I know lol. I sat in the parking lot with you for about a half hour. Because I feared the worst. I knew the very possibility that I would be going home alone. And after the Dr. confirmed my worst fear, it became a reality. We hung out in room #5 for almost an hour. I talked to you as much as I could. You even fell asleep on my arm and started snoring in classic fashion lol. Then it came time to take your leash off for the last time.Then your collar for the last time. I kept both including the shirt I was wearing which is fool of your drool lol. As you passed I talked to you and I promised you will never be forgotten and I will forever always keep that promise. You were Amelia's first best friend (my youngest daughter aged 2). You meant the world to her. Everything was Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. And of course you would come walking to her to see what's up. You were pretty much her 3rd word after Daddy and Mommy lol. You loved that little girl to the end. To your last day with us. Even though you were sick you still played with her and loved on her. And that took strength and courage that most people do not even have. I have so many pictures of you and with each picture I can tell so many stories about all the things you did. All the shenanigans. All the memories. As Amelia was born with being the youngest I expected you to be here to grow up with her, as you did with the rest of the kids. Be there for her first bike ride. Her first day of school walking her to the bus and waiting in the driveway for her to come home from school on the bus. So many things I expected our family to experience with you. I wanted to take you to the doggy beach again. I thought after the doctor appointment, although I knew you were sick, I expected you to come home that day. I had already planned our evening. I was gonna give you a tubby and trim your nails. Figure out dinner. You by my side as usual. But in an instant everything change. In just a split second I was walking back to the car by myself. Without you. I screamed. I cursed. I became very angry. I don't even recall if I was even crying. I remember rolling down the window as I drove off yelling out loud Bubba I love you papi. And as I got further and further down the street I didn't even have an idea of where the hell I was at. I had to use google maps just to get home in our own neighborhood. Days went by. I couldn't eat or sleep. I didn't want to do anything. But we now have your ashes. And you will forever be with me as always. I will have you with us so you can still watch the Bears games with me. Or underneath my bed where you would always like to sleep. All of our family is sad but we have so many cherished memories to be happy about. We all loved you so much Bubba. And btw, be a good boy in doggy heaven!!!

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Q and A

Why did you name him as such?
Bubba just seemed like such a proper name for him when we got him. Here we have this little chunky bulldog with a big head and the name Bubba just seemed so fitting.

What was he like? Describe his personality.
Bubba was a protector of our family. He was always standing guard nearby. He never left anyone's side and was always in the middle of everything and everyone. He was very very loyal.

Did he have pet siblings or other animals that he bonded with?
He didn't have any other animals that he bonded with but he was just as much a sibling to all the kids as if he was family.