In Memoriam

Forever Missing Blue

(2003 - 2022)

About Blue

Forever Missing Blue

To my beautiful Blue, From the moment I met you and held you at 7 weeks old to watching you play with your 3 other adorable bicolor litter mates- I knew I had to have you. Your paw was already wrapped around my finger.

You inherited your very feisty personality from your mom but at the same time you were so very sweet and loving. You always had something to say. You were always into mischief, always keeping life interesting. Little did I know we would form such a strong bond. I deeply miss the days you would follow me around the house, the times you wanted to cuddle next to me under the covers, laying on top of me so I couldn't move- anything to make you happy, as well as all your nose & chin kisses and hearing all your sweet purrs.

I would give anything to have you back.. You brought so much joy to my life and a comfort that only you could bring. It's so quiet and empty now without you here..

I know you were an old lady, but it wasn't your time to go just yet.. Time was taken away from us.. I wish I had been told you were showing signs of being sick a month ago from your lab work results instead of being kept in the dark. With treatment- we could have helped you to feel good again. I'm so sorry Blue.

The day I held you in my arms and put you to sleep was the worst day of my life. I have never felt so much emptiness than the moment when your heart stopped beating but yet mine unfortunately carried on...

I don't know how to go on without you.. Now that you're gone there will always be a huge hole in my heart and in my life. You were my favorite Hello every single day and my hardest Goodbye... Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You are deeply missed every single day...

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Q and A

Where did you get her?
I got her from a wonderful lady who had her mom and her three other kitten siblings.

Why did you name her as such?
With the Persian breeds- Gray is known as Blue. I had my heart set on a Blue and White Persian kitten and I wanted to name her Blue :)

What do you miss about her?
I miss EVERYTHING about her.... I would give anything to have her back.