In Memoriam

Forever Missing Blue

(2003 - 2022)



Cat Breed: Persian
Age: 18
Birthday: Aug 9, 2003
Birthplace: Mesa, AZ
Date of Passing:   May 7, 2022
Place of Passing: Phoenix, AZ

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To my Precious Blue, Today was another especially difficult day.. Today was unfortunately New Year's day. This is my 1st New Year that I have to begin completely without you. I don't know if I can do this. This is so very difficult for me to have to come to terms with.. Life is so unfair.. My wish is to have you back, if only that was possible- I would truly give everything.. You are always in my heart. I am missing you so incredibly much.

Autumn Dossey   |   Jan 2, 2023

So sorry for your loss. ???

Gracie19   |   Dec 28, 2022

To my Beloved Beautiful Blue, Today is especially difficult without you here as it is Christmas Day and I am missing you so incredibly much...This holiday season has been so completely empty without you... You were my Joy... I miss you so very much.

Autumn    |   Dec 25, 2022

So sorry for you loss

Erin   |   Dec 24, 2022