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2018 - 2019

About Tiki

Fish Breed: Oscar
Age: 1
Birthday: Oct 10, 2018
Birthplace: Singapore
Date of Passing:   Oct 4, 2019
Place of Passing: Singapore

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Remembering Tiki, My Little Friend With A Big Heart

Tiki made me smile first thing in the morning everyday. He would rush over to greet me no matter what he was doing. Although always eager to eat, he was very patient and obedient. Just like a puppy! He would spend afternoons swimming up and down the tank, even backwards. He was happy doing whatever he was doing and carefree. He would follow me as I walk around, even following my finger around the glass. His eyes were always bright with hope, even right to the very end. Tiki brought me great joy and gave me unconditional love. He is special to me and I will forever remember and cherish him. Though small in size, he had a big soul and heart. Thank you Tiki for bringing cheer to my life and giving me happiness. Forever swim free and deep in the endless rainbow river. I love you.


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