In Memoriam

Remembering PS3

(2011 - 2016)

About PS3

PS3 The Adorable Sidekick

This memorial was created for PS3. She was an Abyssinian guinea pig and she gave unconditional love. She is much loved and dearly missed by her family and friends

PS3 was adopted as a companion for PC. They bonded instantly. She was a very vocal guinea pig and wheek the loudest when it was feeding time or when their water bottle was empty.

She was very skittish in the beginning but after a month she trusted me and wouldn't mind going to the edge of their enclosure. She loved bananas so much that I taught her how to do circles with it.

She also loved her best friend PC and would always greet her when she woke up. She would follow PC a lot during floor time. She loved being her sidekick.

She lived for 5 years and 2 months and had a good life.

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Q and A

Where did you get her?
From Brooklyn, someone posted an ad on Craigslist.

Why did you name her as such?
I was looking at my bedroom for anything colored black and I saw my PS3.

Why did you decide to get a pet? And why her in particular?
I was looking for a female companion for PC.

What was she like? Describe her personality.
She was very sweet.

Did she do any tricks?
Yes, when I moved my index finger in circular motion and tell her circle, she would turn in a circle.

Did she have pet siblings or other animals that she bonded with?
Yes she became best friends with PC another guinea pig.