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(2009 - 2015)

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Remembering PC

This memorial was created for PC. She was a American and she gave unconditional love. She is much loved and dearly missed by her family and friends.

This memorial was created for PC. She was an American short-haired guinea pig and she gave unconditional love. She is much loved and dearly missed by her family and friends Most guinea pigs are skittish because they are prey animals. It is in their genes to run away from danger and it's their only defense mechanism. I walked into a pet store and saw a cage full of guinea pigs. I put my hand in the cage, there was one guinea pig who came to me and started sniffing my hand. All of her other cage mates ran away. I was not even looking for a pet that day, but I knew that I had to purchase her.

I named her PC, for Personal Computer. How geeky is that? It's been four and a half years since I bought her from the pet store. She has grown into a beautiful guinea pig. She has two cage mates: her best friend PS3 and Java. She would be the first one to go to edge of their enclosure, specially during feeding time. 

She loves it when you pet her like a dog. But when you pet her, she purrs like a cat. She also sometimes chirps like a bird as if she was singing. A four-in-one pet? Anyway, she remains a personable and calm guinea pig. Maybe that's why out of all the possible names, I chose to name her PC = Personable & Calm.

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Q and A

Why did you name her as such?
I am a computer nerd and use a PC. She was named after Personal Computers.

Why did you decide to get a pet? And why her in particular?
I wasn't planning to get a guinea pig or any pet. I went to a pet store one day and saw a group of guinea pigs in a cage and the lid was off. I stucked my hand, everyone ran away except for her. She sniffed at me and let me pet her. She purred while petted her back. I want to get her right then and there.

Did she do any tricks?
When you do a circular motion with your finger and say "circle", she would walk in a circle.

She also knew her name and she would come to you when you called her.

Was she your first pet?
As an adult, on my own, yes she was.

Did she have pet siblings or other animals that she bonded with?
Yes she had two guinea pig cage mates. PS3 was her best friend and Java.