In Memoriam

Remembering ‘Sadie Hope’ West

(2011 - 2017)

About Sadie

Remembering Sadie

Sadie rescued me when I was a senior in college at Texas A&M University, whoop! Sadie was my very best friend, and who I’ve come home to for the past 6 years. She was one of a kind- well-behaved, friendly, loving, stubborn, and a fierce lover of all things edible. In April 2017, I noticed two lumps under her jaw, so I took her in for an appointment at a vet down the street. At that time, Sadie had always been a perfectly healthy little girl and I knew nothing about Canine Lymphoma or where dogs lymph nodes are located. The doctor at this particular place walked in the room, felt the lumps I was concerned about, and immediately said “dogs with lymphoma...” She went on to do an aspirate of the lymph node and go on about the poor prognosis and how treatment is just too expensive. I was devastated, not only by the diagnosis but also with the way it was presented to me. It took nearly four weeks to get results for the aspirate back, due to miscommunication within themselves, too long considering lymphoma is a time sensitive disease without treatment , and without being offered prednisone. After they got back with the official diagnosis and being referred to oncologists, we went a different route. We visited the doctor the rest of my family goes to. This is where we found angels, people who loved Sadie as their own.’ They immediately did a biopsy, started her on prednisone, and we started with her treatment plan. She started the CHOP protocol, but one of the 4 drugs made her sick, and there wasn’t a huge change in her lymph nodes, so essentially failed the protocol. At this point, I think all of us were a little disappointed and unsure of what would happen next. Fortunately, we had a doctor who was doing everything she could and working with other amazing individuals to give Sadie the best chance at a quality life for the time she had left. She started on a drug called Lomustine that worked wonders for her, where you would never know she was even sick. Sadie survived a full 6 months after diagnosis, and had maybe 7 total bad days (most of those being in her last few weeks of life). That’s 6 months without a clinical remission. 6 months she would not have made it without the team she had behind her-her doctor, her tech, and all of the other techs and assistants, and even receptionists that did everything they could for her. On her final day, Sadie ate peanut butter from the jar and wagged her tail in a room of everyone who loved her. Sadie took her last breath in my arms (an experience I never could’ve prepared for, but wouldn’t have changed). She left the world just as happy as she came into it, and although I miss her more than anything, it gives me peace to know she’s no longer suffering at the hands of this awful disease. Sadie taught me a lot about myself, strength, and the type of people you want on your team. Fly high, Sadie Hope.

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Q and A

Where did you get her?
Sadie was at a shelter called Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) here in Houston, TX when she rescued me back in 2011.

Why did you name her as such?
The Hope in ‘Sadie Hope’ came from a situation we had just gone thru with my dad that taught me to have hope. I got Sadie just a few months after my dad received a liver transplant after a battle for his life.

Why did you decide to get a pet? And why her in particular?
I love animals. I’ve grown up with and around lots of dogs and other animals. There’s an innocence that both animals and kids have and an unconditional love that makes them so amazing to be around. Getting Sadie in particular was just fate, I walked into the puppy room at the shelter, saw her pretty face, and knew she was mine.

What was she like? Describe her personality.
Sadie was me in dog form. Silly, stubborn, likes to be outside, and LOVED food.

What adjectives would you use to describe her?
STRONG, she was a fighter. Pretty, stubborn, silly, cuddly, friendly, loving.

Can you share a funny moments with her?
There are so many of these, just look at the pictures. I got her a corn dog on her last day and put it in front of her to try and take a picture, but she stole it off of the stick and swallowed THE WHOLE DAMN THING in less than 2 seconds (not an exaggeration).

Can you share touching moments with her?
Although Sadie was just a 16 pound dog, she was a fierce protector of me. No one could touch me or sit near me without her right in between. Sadie was always there for me during both good and bad times to comfort me.

Did she do any tricks?
Sadie would do any trick if a treat was involved. Otherwise, no.

Was she your first pet?
Not my first pet, but my first pet to have alone. I got Sadie during my senior year in college at Texas A&M University.

Was she adopted, found, adopted or bought?

Did she have pet siblings or other animals that she bonded with?
She had 2 cousins-North and Emerson, 3 uncles-Big and Boo (dogs) and Tomas (cat), an aunt that passed before her (Gracie), and other family members Abbie Rose, Scout, & Zoey. She also had some friends around our apartment community.

What do you miss about her?