In Memoriam

Remembering Bella

(2000 - 2017)

About Bella

Forever Missing Bella

This is a Sample Pet Memorial for a cat. Creating a Pet Memorial is a good was to cope with Pet Loss. The site has over 30 premium templates to choose from, and we will design new ones every few weeks.

What can you write about bio? You can make it chronological and start from when you first got her. Where and why did you get her? Then, describe the day you took her home. Was there any adjustment period?

You can tell stories that you remember about her. Were there any funny ones? Did she do anything repetitive? Did she have a favorite spot in the house? Did she have a favorite toy or treat?

Proceed by describing her personality. What was she like? What things did she enjoy or what annoyed her?

Then conclude in what she has contributed to your life. Tell about the bond that was formed. Anyone who is lucky to have raised and lived with a pet, know that their love was pure.

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Q and A

Where did you get her?
From a shelter.

Why did you name her as such?
My sister named her after the lead from Twighlight.

What was she like? Describe her personality.
She was sweet and likes sitting next to you when watching TV. She has moods when she ignores you. She likes the space between the kitchen counter and the refrigerator. She also loves to play with a ball of yarn and goes crazy when you use a laser light.

Was she your first pet?
She was out first family cat.