In Memoriam

Forever Missing Blue

(2003 - 2022)



Cat Breed: Persian
Age: 18
Birthday: Aug 9, 2003
Birthplace: Mesa, AZ
Date of Passing:   May 7, 2022
Place of Passing: Phoenix, AZ

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Im lighting a candle for sweet Blue. I just lost my beautiful boy Casper a month ago and, like you, a light has gone out of my life forever and what is keeping me going is looking after Casper's little sweet sister, Flossy. I want you to know that you are not alone in your grief and Blue looks such a beautiful and kind soul. I am thinking of you during this very painful loss and hope you can have happy memories again. Take care

Mai    |   Mar 4, 2024

To my Beloved Sweet Blue, Here we now are beginning a 2nd New Year without you.. I miss you more then words than I can ever begin to fully express... It saddens me that time keeps moving forward thus putting more time between us.. I don't want time to keep moving forward... It's been an emotional 19 months and 25 days without you.. Time doesn't heal all wounds... No one can ever replace you... I miss you every single day... All my love XOXO

Autumn    |   Jan 1, 2024

To my Beloved Precious Blue, Here we are another Christmas Day without you.. I miss you sooo incredibly much... Days like today are that much more tearful and depressing. Time doesn't heal all wounds... Life isn't any less sad... Grief doesn't go away... I'd do anything to have you back. You were truly my absolute everything. You are forever in my heart... All my love XOXO

Autumn   |   Dec 25, 2023

To my Beautiful Blue, I'm so sorry I didn't post 2 weeks and 2 days ago. It's been a very emotional 18.5 months without you. I miss you terribly. I think about you every single day. You were my everything. You had my whole heart. I would give everything to have you back. I've never missed anyone as much as I deeply miss you. All my love XOXO

Autumn    |   Nov 23, 2023